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340 cipher solution

This is what I came up with:


"I will make this very clear. My one reason I am killing. If I don't kill I am likely too abandon my chance to collect my slaves for the afterlife. Even when I know you can't find me I am not safe walking if I am collect my slaves. When slaves you found saved dead in a car. He changed his mind and road form me. He walked by without hiding from me. Nothing was safe. He was hiding a knife. You even listened too my slave was calling for help."

This is a polyalphabetic substitution cipher, not a transposition cipher, which is why basic decryption programs that only have one letter substituted for a coded letter, are not compatible with this approach.

Another researcher and programmer pointed out that it has a 69%, one to one, accuracy rate. He said I could use this graphic he created to help illustrate the accuracy. In his email he explined.


I was playing around. I used your solution and made the assumption that each symbol would represent one letter in each quadrant. I used the first instance. Of course we know that Zodiac used multiple symbols to represent the same letter and also used symbols to represent multiple letters. By using the method I described, your solution proved 69% accurate.

Let me explain a little more in depth. If you go to the first quadrant (upper left), you will see that "R" occurs three times in the cipher. In your solution, "R" represents "I", "E", and "O" - in the first quadrant. In my test, it was only allowed to represent "I". I attached an image. When you look at the solution solved by quadrant and only using a single substitution method, it is impressive.

So far, this is by far the best solution I have seen. On an odd note, I found when you solve the entire cipher using your using the single substitution, it said something like, MAARYISASTINKINGWHORE," at the end. It had the name MIKE AVEY in the center. There is a military man from San Francisco named Mike Avey, but I haven't looked at it much because the rest of the cipher was gibberish using this method.


cipher 69%

The first two lines only have one wrong letter. When you consider the frequency of the other correct letters for the solution is very compelling. Also the accuracy for the first 5 lines is about 85%, the first 7 lines about 79%, the first half, 70% accurate.This seems very compelling and highly unlikely that another solution could be fabricated that would have the same level of accuracy.

Here is a photo of the cipher and solution. The circled letters are the ones that correspond to other shared letters in the other words.


I started by dividing the cipher into four equal quadrants then making a frequency distribution noting which quadrant for each letter.


This is the frequency distribution for each character:


Notice that some of the coded letters are clustered in quadrants, while empty in others.

I took the most unbalanced coded letters. For example if there were four hits in Q1 and none in Q4.


And when these were circled on the cipher they also clustered together. This was my original.


I then noticed that in two of the clusters in Q1 (top left quad) on line one and four shared two characters that were inverted. It didn't take me long to hone in on "MA" and "AM", which was the first clue. And from the other Zodiac letters we know he starts with "This is the Zodiac speaking" But of course he wouldn't use that, so "i will MAke this very clear", was a logical start. At first I didn't know if it was "I will make this very easy, or hard." But "clear" became the most likely word after working out the rest of the cipher.

This is the frequency distribution for the solution.




The backbone of this solution is the first half, first nine lines, then line 14&15, "changed his mind", line 16 , "Hiding from me", line 16,17,18,19 "From me..." "was hiding a knife you even listened too my slave."

Then the gaps between had some strong words, however these were several other variations. On line 12 "saved" is very strong as well as "slaves" before that on line 11, for the subject, but "end" was solid for "dead" and could have been "ending his life a slave." But this wasn't the Zodiac's style of writing. He was always very clear and direct and his sentence didn't trail off with something confusing. And out of that variation, all there was was "end" and the rest wasn't solid.

"Without" on line 15 also had a variation with the same corresponding characters, but "hiding from." on the next line was still the verb. So, from entire sentence the "hiding from" was the only conclusive part, and the other word, "without" was the most probable considering the context. The other variation only had one extra letter, and didn't seem like Zodiac's style.

However, the other possible variations, would still use the same verb, and are very much in the same context and are not significant or indicate his identity. So, unless there is a variation with some compelling information, the minor ambiguous lines aren't enough to discredit this solution.

There were some very compelling occurrences that indicated most of this solution was an intentional method.

For example, on line four "Chance" and on line thirteen "Changed" both share the same characters for "HAN".

All of the "N" are the same character of the circle with the cross. The "^" has four "A", the "q" has 9 "L"'s, the backwards L had four "M's" backwards F has four N's.

The distribution in each quadrant is also noteworthy. The B has three S in Q4 and two A in Q1. which seems intentional that the letters of S and A were distributed evenly into separate quadrants. The "q" has five "L" in Q1.

What's more some of the more unusual combinations of coded letter and solution seem intentional. The solid triangle is an L in two places in Q1. The G is a C, V is a K, backwards L is an M in three places in Q1. Backwards F is an N in four places, one in each quad, and backwards F only occurs four times. The circle with a dot is an A all three times.

I didn't even notice any of these patterns and simply constructed the words that had the most corresponding similar letters.

I wonder if one of the victims had a knife that only the police know about?

The word "hiding a knife" had a strong hit.

There were some other variations with several of the other lines. For example, "car" didn't have any corresponding letters, and could have been "lot" or some other combination with the "In a car".

At fist I thought the last line was "stalling out hard" then I got "knife" and "ankle" on the 19th line, and thought the last line, line 20, could have been "falling out hard" as in a knife that was strapped to his ankle, and he was hiding sneaking away. However, "listened" seemed very strong. And once again "Slave" was just too strong in the end of the 19th line. I think he may have changed his mind in a few places.

I also think he was having schizophrenic episodes where his thinking was fragmented. There was a witness at the Stein cab killing. So, this does make sense. I also think he may have changed this to "calling out for help." It just seems like part of him wants to get caught and the other part is very deep into a compulsive disorder that he can't control.

Keep in mind that this cipher would have taken him a long time. It would have been a painstaking process to make it all work out to be neat and even. So that is why it may be slightly fragmented. Although, this solution in cleaner than the 408 solution that had a few extra letters here and there.

The spelling is also pretty good in this cipher. There was a "too" instead of "to", and the next "to" could have been an "at", as the only other solid "p" was a "t". I think he used the longer "too" to throw off the solution, but it is also possible it was a misspelling. Sometimes, people wonder why he spelled well in his ciphers or in some letters while not in others. He probably had a dictionary at home where he made this and his other quick notes were composed in a car. He didn't want to carry around any letters that could incriminate him and composed them on the spot and mailed them off. Most of them appear to be rushed like this. Some appear that he made most of it at home, then signed it right before mailing it. Regardless, I think people make too much out of his spelling or assume he could spell when he didn't unless he had a dictionary. Some words he probably intentionally misspelled to make it appear that he was intentionally misspelling words, but I don't' think his poor spelling was intended to prove he was unintelligent, as he didn't miss the chance to claim a superior intelligence and ridicule the authorities, and his spelling mistakes will help identify him.

Finally, the fact that there were such a high concentration of single coded letters in each quadrant, such as six "B" in Q4, five "q" in Q1, indicated that he substituted different letters for each coded character. If not there would have been very obvious words found a long time ago. There were a few places that had a slightly more accurate translation, but didn't fit the context as well, or didn't resonate the Zodiac's cadence and structure. He was pretty clear and straightforward.

Any suggestions, observations, or if you can find a more plausible variation using this approach, feel free to contribute!

The Evidence, letter to SFPD

The person on interest is John Nash.


Look familiar?


Did he encoded his name and date of birth in the Halloween card?


this is the other half of the card:


This is the letter I sent to SFPD in May 2008. And got a nice response. I don't think they consider him a suspect but from the response, which I will post later, they seem to be keeping an open mind, and the information and cryptogram I identified was assigned to a detective.

I'm also being cast for a documentary in LA on people that solve cold cases. I don't know if I'll be chosen or not. But, I have been trying to move this case forward. I believe John Nash should be the prime suspect and that at the least he should be investigated. Maybe he was sending in letters as a hoax? I don't know. He worked at RAND so they should have his fingerprints and I would hope they could be compared to the crime scene. That is my objective.

Right when I read his biography I noticed the correlations between the two.

I also knew he would use a remedial approach with a lot of creative latitude and insert his own name in one of these cards or letters.

Anyway, I could have been more concise in this letter to SFPD. I have documented a lot of other correlations, but this the unaltered letter I sent.

SFPD Homicide Detail
Thomas J. Cahill
Hall of Justice
850 Bryant Street, Room 563
San Francisco, CA 94103

I believe I solved one of the Zodiac cryptograms that reveals both the suspects full name and date of birth. It is very straight forward. I have sent a copy to Vallejo Police department and Tom Voigt.

The "cipher" in which I extracted the suspects name was on the front page the Halloween Card. I believe this would be a cryptogram, or letter substitution cipher. If you notice with the Praidice Slaves, by Fire, by Knife, by Gun, by Rope. These are obviously ways to kill someone, by Knife (Stab), by Gun (Shoot) by Robe (Hang) and by Fire (Ash).

Take the first letter of each substituted word. S, S, H, A. But then as you are fully aware, the "N" in knife is a mirrored image. If you put it in the mirror and turn it upside down, is the only way to make it a regular "N", then just below that is "A" over to "S", then down to "H", which spells the last name of the suspect, N.A.S.H.

Also, if you add up each letter of the word Ash, it adds up to 28. A=1, S=19 H=8 = 28, which happens to be the date of birth for the possible suspect John Nash. And of course if you add N to ash, you get Nash. It is also well known in the Bible as Ash Offering, or Burnt Offering, and the letter was religious context.

The rest of John Nash's birthday can be extracted from the same correspondence.

The skeleton on the other side with the "ok" sign with the number 14 inscribed in the palm is the next clue. The "ok" sign is a satanic symbol for "666". The top of each three fingers is the stem of the 6 while the circle is the bottom, which isn't as well known as the other cornuto sign or "horn" satanic sign, but it can best be illustrated in the Beatles photograph for the Yellow Submarine album. John is making the "horn" gesture and Paul making the "ok", which was probably the influence.

You can click here to see the Beatles pic.




So, that the "666" is supposed to indicate a 6.

And the thirteen eyes, are the 13, in which was the date John Nash was born. 6/13/28. As you are probably aware the 14 in the palm is also an "N" and the black eye is the fourteenth "I" which connects the number 13 and 14 from the palm to the 13 eyes. Also, the Phillips 66 map was missing the "I" in the mapping grid, which also corresponds to the significance of the "I".

I don't know if you have considered John Nash as a suspect before. I made the connection when I was reading his Biography, A Beautiful Mind. At his life when he was leaving Switzerland he told a friend that he had been put on a slave ship. I made the connection between the Swiss watch, and the slaves. I was also researching a fictional character and had the same idea of my character on a slave ship, so I think myself being from the south, I understood right away the significance. I had also done a lot of research on the Zodiac. (Not saying this was important but I think it took someone from the South to make this connection to John Nash, and that's the reason I'm somewhat sensitive to the source of this information.)

At any rate. There are other significant correlations between John Nash and the Zodiac.

John Nash was arrested in Santa Monica for indecent exposure when he exposed himself to an undercover cop in a public bathroom at muscle Beach at night. He was working at RAND at the time 1954 and he was fired from RAND immediately. John Nash was highly obsessed about his own "self importance" so much so that he wouldn't even tell anyone about his girlfriend and first child, as she was from a working class broken family. This is all very well illustrated in his biography. It was a devastating event in his life; he never quite recovered from it, and also lost control of his own destiny, as his family had him committed against his will and subjected to electric shock, insulin coma treatment, etc.

The entire strategy for the Zodiac appears to be from the "Two Person Bargaining Situation" Nash invented while working at RAND. This started with the Nash Equilibrium that he started at Princeton. I can send you more information, or you can read about it in his biography. There were four stages to this strategy. The first stage was to establish a threat, the second was to make this threat known, the third was to make a request, and if this request was not honored then the fourth would be to carry out the threat. In one of the Zodiac letters he was upset that the police had not "complied" with his demands.

Nash also had an identical style of handwriting. He even added in the silent "e".

If you remember the buss bomb threat, where Zodiac claimed he had problems with the trigger mechanism. This is probably influenced from Nash wanting to be like John Von Neumann, who invented the trigger mechanism for the A-bomb. The Nash Equilibrium is also known as the Nash/Neumann Equilibrium as Neumann invented game theory. Neumann taught Nash at Princeton and they worked together at RAND. Nash even changed his name for a while, to John van Nassau, to emulate John von Neuamnn. (Nassau was a math building at Princeton).You can also read about that in his biography.

The Dragon Card "your ass is now a dragon" was probably in reference to Nash's own arrest, and now he was returning as a Dragon, in retribution.

Nash was remarkably narcissistic. He was driving out to California at this time, which is all documented in his biography.

He wrote hundreds of the identical letters to his friends, with all kinds of the same strange cartoons, numerology, puns… this is also well illustrated in his biography. The letters they both sent were very similar in scope and concept.

This is all off the top of my head. I went through his biography and there were many more connections, like ciphers. I made a note of these, and I'll be glad to send more information.

I even purchased two of Nash's signatures, a photograph, and index card, which may still have his fingerprints.

However, I would think the Air Force would have his fingerprints on file from 1951-1954, as they were in charge of RAND at the time. The only handwriting sample I have are his signatures, and these do resemble the dripping pen card handwriting. Although many of his friends kept Nash's strange letters, and these people can be found in his biography.

Nash is identical to the composite. The profile seems also identical. Nash tortured animals when he was a child, and when he was a 14 years old one of his best friends was killed by a pipe bomb that he and Nash had made in his basement. Nash was both brilliant and also couldn't spell, so he seems a perfect fit.

This is all subjective. These are just logical observations anyone could make. As I said, when I read his biography it wasn't until I got to the part where he was being deported from Switzerland that my mind put the two together. I thought it was just a coincidence but everything I could find supported this observation. Myself being from the South, I understood John Nash, but I also recognized some red flags about his personality and actions that indicated there was something more serious and abnormal.

Then about three months ago, I decided to write down all these correlations and read through his biography again, and extracted his name from the Halloween Card, as Nash thought like that, and his biography documented his infatuation with the first letters of people names, and numerology. There is a lot of material to support all of this and much more.

Nash was also called the "Phantom" at Princeton by the students when he was lurking around campus. Nasar even has a chapter called, "The Phantom of Fine Hall." and this would have been at the same time the "Red Phantom" letter was mailed. And yes Nash was a movie buff, into obscure religions, etc.

(end of letter)

I'm trying to keep this blog as concise as possible to impart the essential facts.
I have sent this to several websites and Zodiac enthusiast who have contacted me. The first question usually is the location of Nash during this time?


During the main Zodiac killer spree, Nash's own mother also died. He was living with her. It was unusual that the bio didn't give an exact date or a reference for her death certificate. It did for his father. It was around Thanksgiving of 1969. So, he was in Virginia at about that time of Thanksgiving. But, two weeks is plenty of time to go out to the west coast, as there was a letter mailed in early November. He was also said to have been committed again for about a week by his sister after Christmas, but it was the only time a reference wasn't cited, and all his other hospitalizations were well cited. He had a car at this time.

Also, his bio mentioned some strange behavior. He and his mother were almost evicted from their apartment building when Nash was accused of started a fire in the incinerator in the basement. It said the neighbors were frightened of him, etc. As the entire bio is filled with very unusual behavior like this.

In short we don't know how Zodiac mailed the letters, but there was enough time for him to get out there and back. It's also noteworthy that his own mother died during the Zodiac killer spree.

Nash also used to just disappear and for several weeks when he was teaching and no one knew where he went. This was also in his bio.

In his bio they knew he went out to Cali in 1968 but weren't sure when he returned. He often just showed up out there at Berkley "tea room" and startled everyone. IN SF he would scare people by calling them late at night. And people were afraid of him. He was just driving around up and down the coast.

I cut and pasted this from my research:

Known Zodiac Killings:

David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen
—Dec. 20th, 1968 near Vallejo, Calf.
Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau
—July 4th, 1969 in Vallejo, Cal.
Cecilia Shepard and Bryan Hartnell
—Sapt. 27th 1969 at Laske Barrsessa in Napa County, Cal.
Paul Stine
—Oct. 11, 1969 in San Francisco, Cal.

The date and names of letters that were mailed are as follows.

—July 31, 1969…Zodiac sends first three letters.
—August 1969… Debut Of the "Zodiac" letter.
—Oct. 13 1969… Stine Letter
—Nov. 8 1969… Dripping-Pen Card.
—Nov. 9 1969… Bus Bomb letter.
—Dec. 20 1969… Belli Letter.
—April 20 1970… "My name is…" Letter
—April 28 1970… Dragon Card
—June 26 1970… Button Letter
—July 24 1970… Kathleen Johns Letter
—July 26 1970… "Little List" Letter
—Oct. 27 1970… Halloween Card
—March 13, 1971…Los Angeles Times Letter
—Jan. 29, 1974… Exorcist Letter
—May 8, 1974… Citizen Letter
—July 8, 1974… Red Phantom Letter

These are the correspondence considered to be from the Zodiac killer himself. Some of the letters, as mentioned, included physical evidence with them, such as a piece of shirt from the crime scene, which conclusively linked the person writing the letters to that particular murder. In others, a hand writing analysis was completed, and in some the style was very similar to each other. However, there are others that were not included in this list that could very well be sent in by the killer. Often times there was no address, the envelope simply said, San Francisco Chronicle, so that it is not known how many letters were sent and discarded by the post office.

But from this list, by evaluating the dates they were mailed and comparing them to the known whereabouts of John Nash, there is very little time between the mailing of the letters, which were post marked in San Francisco and Nash's known presence in Virginia, according to his biography. Perhaps this reason is why he had been more or less ruled out as a suspect, as the possibility of Nash being the Zodiac killer could have crossed someone else's mind. In particular, however, the dates in November 1969 in which the letters were mailed were very close to the exact time Nash's own mother was reported to have died in November, sometime around Thanksgiving. It isn't clear why his biography didn't include an exact date in which Virginia died or the cause of death; there were no references. Two letters were mailed from the Zodiac in San Francisco on November 8th and 9th, so it is possible Nash himself mailed these letters before traveling back to Roanoke Virginia to be with his mother when she died around Thanksgiving. Nash did claim that he thought something was suspicious about his mother's death. He also benefited from an inheritance she left for him, his sister and her own grandchildren.

The date of the Zodiac letters, so close to each other, one day apart would suggest that someone from out of town mailed these. In fact, the overall pattern of dates of the crimes and mailings of the letters suggest that the perpetrator lived out of town, as the letters are often clustered together, separated by only a few days. Another letter was believed to have been mailed on December 20th of the same year, which would have been right after his mother's funeral and just before his sister, Martha, had him committed for observation, although, once again there was no corroborating sources to verify her claims that he had been committed, as Nasar had provided significant documentation with each of his previous commitments.

Did his mother discover that her son was the Zodiac killer just before she died? Or did her son murder her as he was a beneficiary in her will? Nash did claim to a schoolmate in graduate school that, "parents should self destruct and leave everything to their children." as has been illustrated in previous chapters. However, Nash's presence in Roanoke Virginia so close to the dates when the letters were mailed could also suggest that he wasn't in California at the time. The time frame is the only credible evidence that suggest it is possible Nash wasn't in San Francisco when the letters were mailed, although it does not exonerate him, as he could have traveled back and forth, and a week or two is more than enough time to travel to California and back, especially if he were flying.

Another question or reservation is the source of the information about Nash, namely his biography. Sylvia Nasar is a remarkable researcher. She interviewed all of the people who encountered Nash. A professional investigator couldn't have come close to uncovering every aspect of his entire life, especially the most critical years. There were hundreds of interviews with everyone. This was done in the mid 1990s, just before the main Zodiac info was available on the internet. She was an economist also, not a psychiatrist, and it was irresponsible to go back 50 years and try to diagnose someone. The context of all this alarming behavior was put in context to him winning a Nobel prize, a kind of "boys will be boys." However, if you consider that Nash could have been a serial killer, all of this information becomes quite incriminating. You really have to read it to understand the extent of incriminating facts. It all dovetails together.

In the next blog I will also include an exert from my research bio about some of the most compelling evidence linking Nash to the Zodiac case.

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The Zodiac Letters

The Zodiac Letters

On July 31st 1969 the first confirmed letters from the Zodiac killer were mailed. Three letters were sent out simultaneously to tree major newspapers: The San Francisco Chronicle, The Vallejo Times, and The San Francisco Examiner.

The letters themselves, being handwritten, sloppy, somewhat rushed and spontaneous, for the most part, would also indicate someone traveling, on the road, where the author waited until the last minute and composed what came to mind. Some of the other cards with pictures, puzzles, riddles and ciphers were probably prepared in advance and at the last minute the Zodiac put his last identification.

The Chronicle letter said, “This is the murderer of the 2 teenagers last Christmas at Lake Herman + the girl on the 4th of July near the golf course in Vallejo. To prove I killed them I shall state some facts which only I + the police know.
1 Brand name of the ammo Super X
2 10 Shots were fired
3 the boy was on his back with his feet to the car
4 the girl was on her right side feet to the west
4th of July
1 girl was wearing patterned slacks
2 the boy was shot in the knee
3 ammo was made by Western”

Here is a cipher or that is part of one. the other 2 parts are being mailed to the Vallejo Times + S.F. Chronicle
I want you to print this cipher on the Font page by Fry afternoon…”

Even from the first series of letters a lot of the style and influences are very unique to this particular killer. Sending letters to the newspaper, claiming to be the killer, and including a cipher. Throughout Nash's entire life, from his childhood to adulthood, he was infatuated with creating ciphers, as was documented in his biography. He used the same kind of symbols, triangles and squares. For example, on page 326 of his bio, in 1968-1969, when Nash was at his most durranged point, living with his mother, "His letters were Joycean monologues, written in a private language of his own invention, full of dreamlike logic and subtle non sequiturs. His theories were astronomical, game theoretical, geopolitical and religious." As there were numerous accounts of Nash's obsession with creating ciphers, obscure religions, etc.

His handwriting is also identical, where Nash was a poor speller, with the same kind of errors, often adding a silent e, and confusing vowels that sound alike, as though he were spelling phonically. Creating secret ciphers and codes was also part of his occupation when he worked for RAND, as a mathematician; his own colleagues who attended Princeton, solved some of the most important ciphers in World War II. From the start the Zodiac wanted to have his letters printed in the newspapers. The strategy was planned out well in advance. He was following an identical pattern of one of John Nash’s negotiating strategies that he developed while at RAND.

John Nash’s developed Two Person Cooperative Games with Shapley, and Nash had rushed ahead to claim credit for this concept. In August 31st, 1950, he submitted a RAND memorandum, laying out the four stages of the negotiating strategy. “Stage one: each player chooses a threat. This is what I’ll be forced to do if we can’t make a deal, that is if our demands are incompatible. Stage two: The players inform each other of the threats. Stage Three: Each player chooses a demand, that is, an outcome worth a certain amount to him. If the bargain doesn’t guarantee him that amount, he won’t agree to a deal. Stage Four: If it turns out that a deal exists that satisfies both players’ demands, the players get what they ask for. Otherwise, the threats have to be executed.” (9)

At this point, in his first letter, he has made his threat known. He has killed someone. He is in a dominate position as no one knows his identity, stage one of Nash’s two person bargaining strategy. He also made his demands or request clear, to have his letters published in the newspapers, stage two. This is just the start of his bargaining with them, as he feels confident that he can’t be identified. It’s not known whether he planned to have the first cipher solved or not. The government’s best code breakers were unable to solve the cipher. However, during his morning breakfast, Dan Harden, a local high school teacher from Salinas, noticed the cipher in the newspaper and within a few hours he and his wife did solve the cipher. He assumed that the killer’s ego influenced him to begin his message with the letter “I” and he would use the words “kill” and “killing” both of which had double-L. From this he was able to sort things out by applying a frequency distribution.


The fist part of the cipher is a quote from The Most Dangerous Game. The second part he makes clear his philosophy or religious belief for him to murder people in this world so that they become his slaves in the afterlife. The Zodiac has created his own creed, a combination of bits and pieces of other obscure and exotic religions in remote corners of the globe or past civilizations. John Nash was also preoccupied with these same kind of obscure religions. Over a number of years he displayed a desire to acquire and emulate these obscure and at times occult requitals and beliefs. His infatuation has been well documented in this work and his own biography. In his auto biography which appeared after his acceptance of the Nobel prize he wrote, “So at the present time I seem to be thinking rationally again in the style that is characteristic of scientists. However this is not entirely a matter of joy as if someone returned from physical disability to good physical health. One aspect of this is that rationality of thought imposes a limit on a person’s concept of his relation to the cosmos. For example, a non-Zoroastrian could think of Zarathustra as simply a madman who led millions of naive followers to adopt a cult of ritual fire worship. But without his “madness” Zarathustra would necessarily have been only another of the millions or billions of human individuals who had lived and then been forgotten.” (1)

Here, we can establish the same kind of infatuation with some bizarre and obscure religions that both influenced Nash and the Zodiac. Even in 1996 after Nash received a Nobel prize he justifies “madness” as a positive attribute for gaining recognition. This was his ideology throughout his life, to gain as much recognition and adulation as possible. He also believes that millions and billions of other people who do not act like “madmen” are inferior because they are not as famous and well known. At least John Nash got his wish, he will not be forgotten. But his victims wish they could have led normal lives, only to be forgotten after they died.

Nash’s own infatuation with slavery was the result of trying to develop, internalize and express his other miscreant issues. He often vacillated between being a slave himself to finding other religions that had slaves, as noted in his biography.

In August of 1969 the first letter was sent in which the killer used the name Zodiac. He seems to be more confident with himself, more personable, cheerful, as if he were writing to friends as a prank.

“Dear Editor,

This is the Zodiac speaking. In answer to your asking for more details about the good times we have had in Vallejo, I shall be vary happy to supply some more material. By the way, are the police having a good time with the code? If not, tell them to cheer up; when they do crack it they will have me. On the 4th of July: I did not open the car door. The window was rolled down all ready. The boy was originally sitting in the front seat when I began firing. When I fired the fist shot on his head, he leaped backwards, at the same time thus spoiling my aim. He ended up on the back seat then. the floor in Back thrashing xxx very violently with his legs; that’s when I shot him in the knee. I did not leave the scene of the killing with squealing tires + racing engine as described in the Vallejo paper. I drove away quite slowly so as not to draw attention to my car. The man who told the police that my car was brown was a negro about 40-45 rather shabbily dressed. I was at this phone booth having some fun with the Vallejo cops when he was walking by. When I hung the phone up the damn x@ thing began to ring & that drew his attention to me + my car.

Last Christmass
In that episode the police were wondering as to how I could shoot + hit my victoms in the dark. They did not openly state this, but implied this by saying it was a well lit night + I could see the silowets on the horizon. Bull Shit that place is surrounded by high hills + trees. What I did was tape a small pencel flash light to the barrel of my gun. If you notice, in the center of the beam of light if you aim it at a wall or celling you will see a black or dark spot in the centre of the circle of light aprox 3 to 6 in across. When taped to a gun barrel, the bullet will strike exactly in the center of the black dot in the light. All I had to do was spray them as if it was a water hose; there was no need to use the gun sights. I was not happy to see that I did not get front page coverage.”

In this letter his confidence is much higher. There is a sense of self gratification. He boasted of his weapon, how clever it was to tape a flashlight onto the barrel of the gun. He seemed to have enjoyed watching his victims kick and thrash around violently, as he claimed. He gave more detailed information as to the specifics of the crime scene. Then at the end he said that he was not pleased that his request had not been met for his previous letters to be have been printed on the front page. His condition for his bargaining had not been met so that he would have to inflict his form of punishment, as he had the dominate position, could inflict on his adversary, the police and community, with murder, while he remained unaffected by their efforts to capture him. The limits of his own self-confidence also is apparent and without restraint. He is so confidant with his abilities that he agrees to provide more and more information to the police, himself thinking all the while that he was too clever to be identified. The letters would grow increasingly more brazen.

The victims of this particular murder on December 20th 1968 were David Arthur, age seventeen, and Betty Lou Jensen who was sixteen years old at the time of her death. The crime scene was a remote gravel parking area on Lake Herman Road on the outskirts of Vallejo, California. It was the first time Betty Lou Jensen was allowed on a date without a chaperone. The crime shocked the community. According to the police report, the victims were approached while in the front seat of their vehicle, a station wagon owned by Faraday. Shots were fired into the vehicle in an effort to get them out. The weapon was a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol. The ammunition was Winchester Western Super X copper-coated long rifle. There was no indication of sexual assault or robbery. David Faraday was shot once in the head as point-blank range and died within minutes. Betty Lou Jensen was shot five times in the back while trying to flee.

Darlene Elizabeth Ferren, age 18, and Mike Renault Mageau, age 16, were killed on July 4th 1969. Darlene Ferrin was shot five times and Mike Mageau was shot four times by the same gun, a 9mm semi-automatic piston.

The next murder was even more bizarre. About a month later, on September 29th, 1969, Cecilia Ann Shepard, age 22, and Bryan Calvin Hartnell, age 20, were attacked by a man in costume on the shoreline of Lake Berryessa near Napa, California. According to the police report, “Cecelia Shepard was stabbed 10 times, five times in the front and five times in the back. Bryan Hartnell was stabbed six times in the back. The knife had a wooden handle and a blade approximately 10 to 12 inches long. There were no indication on robbery or sexual molestation. There were no witnesses.

On October 11th, 1969, Paul Stein, age 29, was murdered in the front seat of his cab at 9:55 at the northeast corner of Washington and Cherry Streets in the Presidio Heights neighborhood on San Francisco, California. He was shot once in the head at point blank range with a semi-automatic 9mm pistol, which wasn’t the same 9mm used it the Ferrin murder. Three witnesses from a house on the southeast corner of the intersection saw at least part of what happened.

His cab was hailed at Mason and Geary Streets, with the intended destination of Washington and Maple Street near Presidio. The cab ended up at a different location at Washington and Cherry Street a block form the original destination. His wallet and keys were taken and a large portion of his shirt was torn off. Bloody fingerprints were also recovered, and a pair of men’s size seven gloves was also recovered. The three witnesses were approximately 60 feet away and watched the killer wipe the cab down for prints after the killing. They called police and described a white male 25 to 30 years of age, 5’8’’ to 5’9’’, stocky build, reddish-brown hair warn in a crew cut, heavy-rimmed glasses and dark clothing. They last saw him walking north on Cherry Street. The police dispatcher mistakenly described the suspect as a black male, and when the patrol officers Donald Fouke and Eric Zelms, observed a white male walking away east on Jackson Street, they didn’t stop and question him. The officers did have a clear view of him, however. The officers said he was 35-45 years old, 5’10’’ between 180-200 pounds, barrel chested, with light-colored, crew cut hair and wearing glasses. (8)

The killing was thought to be a routine cabbie-killing until on October 13th, 1969, the San Francisco Chronicle received a letter from the Zodiac containing a portion of the bloody shirt from the crime scene. A composite drawing was made. Although it was foggy and the lighting was poor, three days after the sketch was released the three witnesses contacted the police to have the sketch altered to make it more accurate, and another was made. Once again the resemblance to the John Nash is uncanny.

Soon after, on October 13th, the police received the Stine Letter. “This is the Zodiac speaking. I am the murderer of the taxi driver over by the Washington St + Maple St last night, to prove this here is a blood stained piece of his shirt. I am the same man who did in the people in the north bay area. The S.F. Police could have caught me last night if they had searched the park properly in stead of holding road races with their motor cycles seeing who could make the moist noise. The car drivers should have just parked their cars + sat there quietly waiting for me to come out of the corner. School children make nice targets, I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning. just shoot out the front tire + then pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out.”

The killer also further expanded his campaign of terror in his letter to the police. He started his threats to target a school bus and school children. The over all strategy of playing a dominate roll in his negotiations is completely consistent with Nash’s own bargaining theory that he developed at RAND. The overall tone of the letter continues the resentment and contempt for the police, which is also consistent with Nash’s anger over being arrested when he worked at RAND in Santa Monica.

On November 8th, 1969, the Zodiac mailed in the Dripping Pen Card. The message was whimsical and carefree. There is a huge pen hanging on a sting on the front page, and large type face print, “Sorry, I haven’t written, but I just washed my pen…”

On the inside of the card, he continues the same message in a caption, “and I can’t do anything with it!” These letters are also written in cursive, by hand, which is the only time I’m aware that he used cursive writing. I also compared handwriting samples of John Nash autographs I picked up from bookstores, and there were definite similarities. I’m not a handwriting expert, but to my observation several combinations of letters were strikingly identical, namely the formation of “a” and “n”, the way the “h” trailed off to the side.

The message in the letter was whimsical. “This is the Zodiac speaking. I thought you would need a good laugh before you hear the bad news. you wo’nt get the news for a while yet. PS could you print this new cipher in your front page? I get awfully lonely when I am ignored, So lonely I could do my Thing!!!!!!

He signs the letter, “Des July Aug Sept Oct = 7”

In the next letter on December 20th, 1969, named the Belli Letter, is addressed to an editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, Melvin Belli, “Dear Melvin, This is the Zodiac speaking I wish you a happy Chirstmass. The one thing I ask of you is this, please help me. I cannnot reach out for help because of this thing in me wont let me. I am finding it extreamly difficult to hold it in check I am afraid I will loose control again and take my nineth + posibly tenth victom. Please help me I am drownding. At the moment the children are safe from the bomb because it is so massive to dig in + the triger mech requires much work to get it adjusted just right. But if I hold back too long from no nine I will loose (complet) all controol of my self + set the bomb up. Please help me I can not remain in control for much longer.”

This is very interesting because the Zodiac killer is trying to elicit sympathy for his deranged mental condition. He wishes Melvin a happy Christmas, trying to win over a friend. It is identical to the same kind of letters Nash was sending to his own friends, pleading for them to help him. Remember, Nash always ended his own letters with a plea for his friend to at the very least not support any campaign for his own involuntary commitment into a hospital. It even had the exact, "The one thing I ask of you." Then, the Zodiac claims the children are safe from the bomb because it is so massive to dig in, and “the trigger mech requires much work to get it adjusted just right.” Here, if we recall, John von Neumann invented the trigger mechanism for the A-bomb, which was an imploding device, and saved the US almost of year of development. The Nash Equilibrium is also known as the Nash-Neumann equilibrium, as it was Nash own attempt to improve Neumann’s game theory and point to point negotiating. So this is probably the influence for Zodiac's claim that he was having trouble with the trigger mechanism. Nash wanted to emulate John von Neumann. It was well documented that Nash wanted to be like Neumann, and even changed his name to "John Von Nassau" for a little while to sound like John von Neumann. His biography was quite specific about this.

In the next, Bus Bomb Letter, mailed on Nov. 9th, 1969, he states, “This is the zodiac speaking. up to the end of Oct I have killed 7 people. I have grown rather angry with the police for their telling lies about me. So I shall change the way the collection of slaves. I shall no longer announce to anyone when I comitt my murders. they shall look like routine robberies, killings of anger, + a few fake accidents, etc.

The ploice shall never catch me because I have been too clever for them.
1) I look like the descriptioin passed out only when I do my thing, the rest of the time I look entirele different. I shall not tell you what my descise consists of when I kill.
2) As of yet I have left no fingerprints behind me contrary to what police say.”

So from this letter we know the Zodiac is concerned that he almost got himself caught with the Stein murder. He is worried that he will get caught. He changed his style of writing in an attempt to better conceal his handwriting. He is also trying to convince the police that the composite sketch only looks like him when he is in the act of killing and other times he looks different. But if this were true why would he tell them? No, he is concerned because the composite sketch looks like him. He also claims the police don’t have his fingerprints, but once again, why would he make the claim if they didn’t have his fingerprints?

There was a long time before the next letter on April 20th, the “My Name is…” Letter. Almost four months had passed since his last correspondence, which would indicate that the killer lived out of town and could only travel to the area to drop off his letters in the city of San Francisco, as this was part of the killer's plan not to be identified. After four months he was confident the police hadn’t identified him and decided to pick back up where he left off. He now has an emotional tie with the murders and the game he is playing with the police and newspaper. He feels energized when he sees his letters in the news paper. He is a publicity hound.

“This is the Zodiac speaking. By the way have you cracked the last cipher I sent you? My name in — (cipher… AENX…)

I am mildly cerous as to how much money you have on my head now. I hope you do not think that I was the one who wiped out that blue meannie with the bomb at the cop station. Even though I talked about killing school children with one. It just wouldnt doo to move in on someone elses teritory. But there is more glory in killing a cop than a cid beause a cop can shoot back. I have killed ten people to date. It would have been a lot more except that my bus bomb was a dud. I was swamped out by the rain we had a while back.”

The next is on April 28th, the Dragon Card, mailed eight days after the April 20th card, which would indicate the killer was still in town. The card had a cartoon of a man on an ass, a donkey, on the front, and says, “Sorry to Hear” then on the inside the same man now old with a white beard is sitting on a dragon. “Your ass is a dragon.” Off to the side is the message. “I hope you enjoy your selves when I have my Blast.”

In the card the Zodiac makes demands, which is part of his dominate roll in his bargaining technique. “If you don’t want me to have this blast you must do two things. Tell everyone about the bus bomb with all the details. I would like to see some nice Zodiac butons wandering about town. Every one else has these buttons like (peace sign), black power, melvin eats bluber, etc. Well it would cheer me up considerably if I saw a lot of the people wearing my buton. Please no nasty one like melvin’s. Thank you.”

So, at this point the Zodiac wants people to start wearing his Zodiac buttons. He is jealous of the peace movement in particular. This is why he chose San Francisco to stage his campaign of terror. John Nash was also infatuated with whatever person or movement was making headline news at the time. He had to emulate these individuals and set out on a new career, quitting his job and moving to Europe with his wife, leaving their child behind who hadn’t even been named, convinced he could start a organization devoted to world peace. He renounced his citizenship, just as Gary Davis had done, and claimed to be the first member of a world society. It seems logical that he target San Francisco, as he wanted revenge for having been arrested when he worked at RAND, and he also resented this peace movement taking place without himself at the center of attention. This strategy of making his threat known, the buss bomb, is consistent with the second phase of his own two-person bargaining strategy he developed at RAND, and the demands of people wearing his buttons is consistent with the third phase of the bargaining negotiations. There were “Melvin eats blubber” buttons on college campuses at the time. It was a reference to the author of Moby Dick, Herman Melville, so that Nash would have seen these around campus. It was probably also a joke for his pen pall Melvin Belli who worked at the San Francisco Chronicle, which is also consistent with the little puns Nash employed with his letters to friends.

In the very next letter, the Button Letter, dated June 26th, 1970, the exact two person bargaining strategy is fully developed: “This is the Zodiac speaking. I have become very upset with the people of San Fran Bay Area. They have not complied with my wishes for them to wear same nice zodiac buttons. I promiced to punish them if they did not comply, by anilating a full School Buss. But now school is out for the summer, so I punsihed them in another way. I shot a man sitting in a parked care with a .38.

The map coupled with this code will tell you where the bomb is set. You have until next Fall to dig in up.”

He followed this threat with the Kathleen John’s letter, in which he claimed to have given a ride of a mother and child. The woman said he picked her up and drove her and her child around for a long time, perhaps contemplating killing them, took them to remote place, and a truck driver approached the area and the Zodiac fled. He later went back and burned the car with gasoline.

“This is the Zodiac speaking. I am rather unhappy because you people will not wear soome nice zodiac buttons. So I now have a little list, starting with the woeman + her baby that I gave a rather intersting ride for a coupple of howers one evening a few months back that ended in my burning her car where I found them.”

Once again the two letters are mailed within a few days of each other, suggesting that the killer was in town for the purpose then went back home.

Finally we get to the Halloween Card mailed on October 27th 1970. I have already gone into detail about this but as it is the most significant connection to Nash and the Zodiac, I’ll review the same observations, which I discovered while writing this manuscript on March 2008.

On the front of the card reads, “By Fire, By Gun, By Knife, By Rope.” Which are all ways to kill someone. By, Ash (fire), By Shooting (gun), By Stabbing (knife), By Hanging (rope).” When we take the first letter of the substituted methods, A, S, S, H. we get ASSH, but upon closer examination the author intentionally altered the letter “N” in the word “knife” and the only way it will resemble a normal “N” is to use a mirror image, and upside down. This is still very basic and straightforward, as almost every school child has used this technique to write their own secret code. The letter “n” that was mirrored is also the only letter in the entire card that was altered in this way. so that it was intentional, and therefore even more incriminating. Then we use this “N” and the rest of the letters are in perfect arrangement down to A, over to S, and up to H… which spells, N.A.S.H. The shape of the letters, the arrangement also forums a “U” which also fits the occult influence of the rest of the card.

On the inside of the card, we have the picture of a skeleton and the message, “I feel it in my bones, you ache to know my name, And so I’ll clue you in…”

In the palm the number 14 and the hand is displaying the “ok” sign, which is also an occult and satanic gesture, although not as well known. The three fingers form the top of three “6” and the circle made by the thumb and index finger forms the bottom. The Beatles had a photograph of themselves for the Yellow Submarine album, in which John was giving the horn sign, with the pinky and index finger and Paul was giving the “ok” sign, which was the less known, “666”, satanic gesture. On the cover of the Sgt. Peppers album they also included Aleister Crawly as one of the people who they claimed they admired. Crawly has been quite controversial figure during most of his adult life, which he devoted fully to the advancement of spreading the influence of satanic occult rituals. He had a number of publications throughout his career and influenced a great many people, as will be illustrated in the next chapter. He seemed to send a mixed message, by claiming good intentions, respect for life, but at the same time hinted towards child sacrifice and other satanic rituals.

At any rate the “ok” sign in Zodiac’s card was most definitely the sign for “666.” The 14 is “N,” the fourteenth letter in the alphabet. Then on the next side of the card, there are 13 eyes, which are shaped like moons with eyelashes. Nine of them are in the tree, and four of them are out floating next to the skeleton. The skeleton in wearing a mask over his eyes that is colored red, and on the original skeleton one of the eyes is colored black, which would be the 14th eyes. It also is significant because it establishes the connection or meaning to the 13 eyes and the number 14. As John Nash’s own birthday in none other than June, 13th 1928, or 6/13/28. The same clue given here in this card. Alternately, the 10 eyes in the tree would be the tenth letter in the alphabet, or “J,” which is not as definite as the spelling of his name and date of birth, yet worth mentioning.

The technique he used to infuse his name and the date of birth are both consistent with each other. Had he not intentionally mirrored the “n” in “knife” it would have been even less incriminating. Similarly, for his date of birth the identical level of strategy was employed by using the 13 eyes, the fourteenth being the black eye, and the colored mask which all indicate that numbers were chosen intentionally, as they are connected to one another by the overall theme, which was deliberate.

As mentioned earlier, the individual letters of the word “ash” all add up to 28, 1+19+8=28, which was the year in which Nash was born, 1928. So the killer has given not only his last name but also this full date of birth. John Nash was also obsessed with numerology and sending these identical kind of letters to his friends for years. When John Nash was in Europe he mailed numerous identical letters. Al Vasquez remembered, “His letters were filled with numerology. I didn’t keep them. They weren’t just letters. They were collages, pastiches. Full of newspaper clippings. Very clever. I was always showing them to people. They contained some insights. Little patterns, puns.” (10) While Emil Artin found a letter from Nash to his father, after Artin’s father had died. “It started out plausibly about mathematics. But it was stamped all over, with Metro tickets and tax stamps posted on it. But the end of the letter it was obvious that it was completely fantastic. I was about Kachel’s numbers for Mozart symphonies. Kachel had cataloged all of Mozart’s works, more than five hundred. It was pretty graphic. It must have affected my father very much because he kept it all those years.” It was speculated that one of the cryptic symbols Zodiac used in the Halloween was a musical score, as it resembled a musical score. But yet another acquaintance of Nash was more disturbed by Nash’s letters during this time. Cathleen Morawetz claimed that her father, John Synge, who taught Nash calculus at Carnegie, received postcards from Nash and was frightened by them. He told her they reminded him of his brother Hutchie, who had quit Trinity college in order to live in a bohemian enclave in Paris before the First World War. (11)

Nash’s letter writing campaign as well as the Zodiac’s was quite prolific and were identical in both scope and content. There were so many letters from the Zodiac that investigators are uncertain of which ones are valid and which ones may be impostors, although none of the letters have been proven to be fake. The process of authenticating the letters is somewhat subjective. They have fallen into two groups: one of definite letters, as the killer sent in an article from the crime scene or provided information that only the killer would know, or possible Zodiac letters, in which the handwriting and style was very similar but there was no physical evidence. However it is possible that many of the Zodiac letters never reached their destination or were thrown out.

There still quite a few letters that are considered authentic. The next was sent to the LA Times on March 13th, 1971, named the Los Angeles Times Letter. “This is the Zodiac speaking. Like I have always said I am crack proof. If the Blue Meannies are evere going to catch me, they had best get off their fat asses + do something. Because the longer they fiddle + fart around, the more slaves I will collect for my after life. I do have to give them credit for stumbling across my riverside activity, but they are only finding the easy ones, there are a hell of a lot more down there. The reason that I’m writing to the Times is this, They didn’t bury me in the back pages like some of the others.”

He claims 17 victims in his signature. Once again he wages his campaign against the police in an attempt to humiliate them. However, this time he moves down the coast to Los Angeles. He even gives an excuse for this decision to use the LA Times, perhaps to help conceal any connection to himself and his association to this place, as it would have been more obvious to Nash’s friends and co-workers that Nash could have been vindictive for his arrest and subsequent termination from RAND in Santa Monica. The use of “blue meanies” was also a Beatles song on Yellow Submarine, which further corroborates both the Zodiac’s and John Nash’s infatuation with the band, as the Halloween card, emulated Paul McCartney, making the “ok” sign.

In 1974, the Times received another letter thought to be from the Zodiac, named the Exorcist Letter. He didn’t use the Zodiac name, but hinted at his identity by using the same patterns for his signature, this time claiming 37 victims. “I saw + think “The Exorcist” as the best satirical comedy that I have ever seen.

Signed, yours truly:

He plunged himself into the billowy wave and an echo arose from the suicides grave, titwillo, tit willo tit willo

PS. if I do not see this note in your paper, I will do something nasty, which you know I’m capable of doing,
Me 37

From this letter we learn the Zodiac is a movie buff and was knowledgeable of plays, just as John Nash was a movie buff and knowable of plays. His biography mentioned that his wife Alicia went to movies all the time at college, and that Nash also went to movies, especially after he was divorced, and estranged. Once again, nothing definite, as a lot of people were movie buffs, but it is a direct correlation, just as almost everything we know about Nash from his biography is consistent with the Zodiac.

In the next letter, the Citizen Letter, in May 8th, 1974, he says, “Sirs—I would like to express my consternation concerning your poor taste + lack of sympathy for the public, as evidenced by your runnig of the ads for the movie “Badlands,” featuring the blurb- “In 1959 most people were killing time. kit and holly were killing people.” In light of recent events, this kind of murder-glorification can only be deplorable at best (not that glorification of violence was ever justifiable) why don’t your show some senabilties for the public and cut the ad?

A Citizen”

Here we have the same whimsical and capricious style, which is consistent with Nash and his background at the university. The letter is signed “A Citizen” which also corresponds to Nash’s own infatuation with becoming a citizen of France or Switzerland. The over all style and scope is also consistent with the previous letters. There is a definite pattern and style that seems quite recognizable.

One of the last letters that was considered authentic is the Red Phantom Letter. “Editor—Put Marco back in the hell-hole from whence it came—he has a serious psychological disorder—always needs to feel superior. I suggest you refer him to a shrink. Meanwhile, cancel the Count Marco column. Since the Count can write anonymously, so can I—

The Red Phantom (red with rage)

What is interesting here is that at the same time this letter was sent, John Nash was lurking around the campus of Princeton without any real purpose there. He wasn’t teaching or a student. He was simply unemployed and without any other place to go, so the faculty continued to let him lurk around. He would write out lengthy equations of complete nonsense on the classroom blackboards, without anyone seeing him, so that when the students entered in the mornings, they would see his writings on the blackboards. The students called him The Phantom, and a chapter in Nasar’s biography is titled, “The Phantom of Fine Hall.” It was reported that the secretaries and many of the students were afraid of him. His behavior was very strange and people tried to avoid him as much as possible, yet considered him harmless.

There are many other unconfirmed letters that very well could be authentic. The “confession letter” claims responsibility for killing Cheri Jo Bates. The location was outside of a library, and the letter gives a lot information about how he killed her, first disabling the car, then offering her a ride. It was a cold blooded killing with no remorse at all. The killer really enjoys killing, taking another’s life.

Another letter, a post card, named the “thirteen hole” postcard, was made from an index card that had thirteen holes punched out on right side. The stamp was also six cent stamp of the Apollo mission. These numbers are also the same date of birth as John Nash, 6/13, so that it is probably an authentic letter sent in by the Zodiac killer with this clue, which is consistent with the Halloween card, where he also gave his date of birth. It was the second time the Zodiac used this identical six cent stamp, which adds more plausibility that it was used intentionally. There were several newspaper cutouts that were pasted to the front, “Dear Editor, You’ll hate me but I’ve got to yell you. ‘Some of them fought It was Horrible.’ ‘The Pace Isn’t any slower in fact it’s just one big thirteenth.” 13 “There are Reports city police pig cops are closing on me, Fk I’m crackproof. What is the price now?”

There were many other times when the Zodiac used the number 13, as this was also popular with Nash. His own sister was afraid to tell him that his nephew was born on the 13th, as she knew he would become obsessive about the date and assign some special meaning to it. He was also born on the same month of June, 6/13; unless that was a typo in his biography, they were both born on 6/13, which is quite a coincidence, especially considering it’s association to the Zodiac killer and occultism.

Another highly likely Zodiac letter was sent to Channel Nine: “Dear Channel Nine; This is the Zodiac speaking. You people are in for a treat. In the next three weeks you are finally gona have something good to report. I have decided to begin killing again—PLEASE hold the applause! Nothing is going to happen until I do. You people just wont let me have it any other way. I plan to kill five people in the next three weeks (1) Chief piggy Parrel Gates (2) Ex Chief piggy Ed Davis (3) Pat Boone—his theacratic crap is a obscenity to the rest of the world! (4) Also Eldrige Cleaver—the niggers gotta get their 20% quota—after all. And Susan Atkins—the Judas of the Manso Family. Shes gona get hers now. Hey---you acators—this is your lucky Break. Remember-whoever plays me has his work cut out for him. See you in the News!”

There are quite a number of other letters, but this last one is quite remarkable as if the Zodiac is indeed John Nash, who I think is, then he would indeed have not one movie made about himself, but two. The first would have been the movie about the John Nash, staring Russell Crow, that won the motion picture of the year award. The second movie was based on the Zodiac killer, and was released at about the same time. In fact both movies were each displayed at the same time when they were released to cable TV. Indeed, the Zodiac movie was on at the exact same time as the Beautiful Mind movie. Sometimes the movies ran back to back, yet no one thought hey, maybe Nash is the Zodiac! Is that crazy or what? At times I wondered what Nash himself must have been thinking, as at this point I believe only two people who are alive in the world who know the identity of the Zodiac killer, John Nash and myself.


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

making contact

Tom Voigt was the only one who responded to my email. Apparently I left a letter out of my email in my signature.

Everyone else has dropped this case. The police are inundated with other crime. Vallejo is bankrupt. And I think Tom Voigt responded because he really wants this case solved.

I think some of those cipher experts will find even more evidence and break the remaining ciphers. What I did was provide some very compelling information, broke the first cipher that contains the suspects name, but it's going to take more for an arrest and conviction. I hope they don't forget about me.

My primary concern is that the informaition be as accurate as possible. The source of the infomation is also important. Not because of me, buy I would want this to be accurate for anyone else also.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

trying to connect

I posted a topic at A&E, claiming I solved the Zodiac killer cipher, and that no one will respond to my emails or reports.


I can understand why the authorities don't take every email claiming to have solved the Zodiac case seriously, yet, and Zodiacspeaking would not respond to my email, or even activate my account at their website. I thought they would be thrilled someone had cracked a cipher. It was a lot of work!

Apparently these people are offended and think I'm promoting myself, however, I'm only stating the truth and have no idea what else I should say, as I refuse to just call some tip line and remain anonymous. It has been years of work that had very little to do with any website, although I am more than willing to give anyone credit for providing primary documents to the public, as I downloaded a copy of the cipher that I later solved.

So things have gotten more complicated. But I'm doing the best I can.